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Autographed, or special collectibles and memorabilia belong on the wall, not in your closet! But to display your apparel properly, it hasn't always been as easy as it should be.


A few years ago, we found ourselves in this situation. We owned a couple signed hockey jerseys that we wanted to hang up - sounds easy, right? After searching around for jersey framing options that were more affordable than getting them professionally framed, and big enough to properly fit the jerseys, we settled on a set of shadowboxes. The problem was, they were massive, bulky, heavy, and the frames were black, making them a bit of an eyesore once they were installed. Not to mention they didn't come with a hangar so we had to deal with that aftermarket anyway. And then the pinning... oh, the pinning! What a challenge to get things to lay flat and securely enough that when you stood the display vertically everything stayed in place. After removing the pins later on we also found that we had damaged the material in a few places with little snags in the fabric. Lastly, the wall hardware that came with the frames nearly gave out, we were moments away from the loud crash of a frame falling off the wall - a situation we have often read about in shadowbox reviews. 

We knew we weren't the only people with this problem so we set out to fix it. We had a vision and spent a lot of time perfecting a jersey frame that would look clean but was DIY friendly, and one that would work for any major sports league so if your collection spans across leagues the jerseys are still going to look cohesive side by side. 


The Primetime Displays Signature Jersey Display Case is easy to use, comes with everything you need, and it's modern, giving your home or office a clean, well-designed look. If you add to your collection or want to rotate through your jerseys you can also easily swap the jerseys out! 

We have heard from many of our customers that our jersey frame has solved the same problems for them as they did for us. Feel free to reach out with any other product ideas, we love hearing from you!

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